Custom Software

I may consider programming custom software if the user requesting it agrees to the following conditions.

My time is limited, so I spend it on projects that interest me. If your request does not interest me, I may at any time decline to begin or continue a project. For any project declined, the user is not expected to pay for any time I may have spent on it. No result equates to no cost to you.

I do not create products for resale by others. If you are a software company or reseller seeking to contract my services to create a product that will be offered as your own, I am not interested. I work directly with individuals and companies that use my products.

Projects that are accepted require precise written instructions describing what the software should do. If this is not possible, I am sorry I cannot provide you with my programming services.

Communication regarding projects is via email unless I agree to another method. I do not use chat apps or social media as a means to communicate about potential work or work in progress. The telephone is the worst of all. Send an email or use the website contact page so that I may consider your message at my convenience rather than a disruption to receive verbal instructions lacking a written record.

My rate to program custom software is $120 USD per hour. A simple script is typically at least $200 USD. Costs increase for greater complexity, additional feature requests, or functionality beyond the original written specifications. If the rate is beyond your ability to pay, there are countless programmers across the globe happy to help you at a lower rate.

Payment is due upon completion of a project or a significant milestone is reached. An invoice for work performed is sent by PayPal and is due upon receipt. PayPal accepts all major credit cards and does not require the payee to have a PayPal account.

Fees paid to program custom software are the purchase of a non-exclusive license to use the software and do not grant the purchaser any degree of ownership of the software code. As author of the intellectual property and copyright holder, I retain 100% ownership of all code used in all custom software regardless of the inspiration for the software design or functionality.

Your confirmation to proceed with a custom software project is acceptance of these conditions.

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Other questions or concerns, feel free to contact me at any time.

William Campbell