InDesign Scripts

PDF Place and Export

  • Process a single PDF or entire folder of PDFs
  • InDesign document created from PDF page size
  • Include bleed and resolve overlapping bleeds in spine
  • Convert PDF in reader spreads to pages
  • Convert PDF in printer spreads to pages
  • Create printer spreads from PDF pages
  • Add spine effect when facing pages
  • Save resulting InDesign document
  • Export new PDF using PDF preset
  • Save and restore all settings
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PDF Export Single Pages

  • Export an entire document as single-page PDFs
  • Page labels at the beginning or end of output file names
  • Absolute (document) numbering or by section
  • Set minimum digits to pad section and page labels
  • Preview example file name before proceeding
  • Export all pages, a single page, or any range or ranges of pages
  • Export using any defined PDF Preset
  • Save and restore all settings
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Text Cleanup

  • Apply to entire document, selected story, or selected text
  • Confirmation to proceed, undo, or skip each change
  • Replace a defined number of spaces with a tab character
  • Remove spaces before or after tabs
  • Remove spaces and tabs at paragraph begin or end
  • Reduce multiple spaces or tabs to one
  • If desired, keep two spaces between sentences
  • Replace double hyphens with em or en dash
  • Remove forced line breaks
  • Remove excess at paragraph and story end
  • Remove empty paragraphs
  • Save and restore all settings
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  • Generate a list of graphics placed in InDesign documents
  • Export from the active document, a book, or a folder of documents
  • Option to include documents in subfolders
  • Include color space (RGB, CMYK, Gray, 1-bit B&W)
  • Include effective PPI
  • Detects files of same name linked to different paths
  • Generate comma-separated values or tab-separated text
  • Option to output JSON or XML
  • CSV and TXT may be opened by popular spreadsheet applications
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  • Moves links not used to a selected folder
  • Examines links placed in the active document, a book file, or a folder of documents
  • Works with Mac and Windows
  • Uses system to move files, rather than copy and delete
  • All properties of moved files are preserved (modification time, etc.)
  • Also moves matching dotbar files on servers that split Mac resource and data forks
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For help installing scripts, see How to install and use scripts in Adobe Creative Cloud applications.

IMPORTANT: by downloading any of the scripts on this page you agree that the software is provided without any warranty, express or implied. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Always make backups of important data.