Automate Productivity
and Consistency

Adobe Creative Cloud scripting from
simple tasks to complete workflows.

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Focus on the next great shot

Post-production services help you correct color,
retouch images, and manage/distribute assets.

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Graphic Designers

Have your own prep department

Never again be told your file won’t work,
or deliver printing that doesn’t match it.

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Meet deadlines free of error

Add to your team decades experience
producing books and magazines.

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Mars Premedia is William Campbell, a prepress operator and programmer who began his career in graphic arts as a paste-up artist back in the days of rubber cement and Letraset. During his early career, William was also tinkering with computers, making natural the transition to digital when computers revolutionized the printing industry. In the decades since, William has amassed experience in both graphic reproduction and computer science. His expertise encompasses all aspects of prepress, color management, print production, and the computer systems that make it all happen in this modern age. A Photoshop operator since 1992, William is a highly-regarded talent at color correction and image retouching. His knowledge of book production and color reproduction contributes to lavish coffee table books, corporate backgrounds, and historical volumes. As a programmer, William has developed websites, process automation, and management information systems over the years. Today he specializes in JavaScript for Adobe applications. Learn more about the available solutions in the Software section.

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Many of the scripts featured on this site have "how-to" videos posted on YouTube. As well are videos of design tips, programming tutorials, and system administration. Visit the channel at the link below. If the solutions work or you, like the videos, and subscribe to the channel. It keeps more videos coming. Thank you for your support.

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System Admin

Adobe Creative Cloud Scripting

Production departments and photographers tasked with delivering product images can boost productivity through the power of Creative Cloud automation, and at the same time, ensure teams produce consistent results. See the Software section for more details.

  • Scripts to automate Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator
  • Solutions for general use or customized to your workflow
  • Proficient at JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS, JQuery, AJAX, and MySQL
  • Also familiar with Xcode/Swift, C, C++, and C#


Decades experience in graphic arts and photography, along with talent at web technologies, provides clients a range of support services.

  • Scripts to automate Photoshop
  • Color correction and retouching
  • Subject masking, image compositing
  • Images prepared for print and web
  • Mars Cloud online asset management
  • Production of photographic prints (44" Epson)

Graphic Designers

Have a prepress expert on demand. There is no project too large or small, or need too little or great. Whatever the project scope, you’re the boss, directing a skilled assistant who is always willing to share his know-how.

  • Preflight and prep to printer’s specifications
  • Solve file problems and technical challenges
  • Experienced with all layout and supporting applications
  • Image scanning, color correction, and retouching
  • Complex data import into layouts
  • Press-match color proofing
  • Text and layout corrections
  • Print-ready PDFs delivered to printer


Not only prep for output, book and magazine production starts before layout. Images are collected and selected, captions written, and content is reviewed by editors. When the design is final, files are prepared and PDFs are confirmed to have all corrections applied, no surprises. Only then are proofs and PDFs delivered to the printer.

  • Collect and organize project assets, and provide online access to team members
  • Color correction and retouching
  • Preflight and repair of submitted ad files prior to and during production.
  • Perform late-stage text corrections
  • Press-match color proofing
  • Deliver press-ready PDFs to printer’s specifications
  • For magazines with digital version, convert and post articles and images to website