Bleed Alert And Fix

Script for Adobe InDesign
Latest update 6/14/2022, version 1.7

Fix bleed in InDesign documents. Script finds bleed problems and fixes each by resizing the frame and/or the graphic placed within it.

  • Specify bleed and distance from edge
  • Reveal all cases of faulty bleed
  • Confirm each change, undo, or skip
Bleed Alert And Fix

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How-to Video

How to use the script

The interface is a single section with two values to enter. Click the OK button to begin.

Minimum bleed — the amount of bleed expected. To the right is a drop down list of measurement units used for all values.

When less than — the distance from any edge that if less than, an element should bleed.

The script looks for elements the specified amount or less from any edge, but not reaching the specified bleed value. For each element found, the user is given a chance to correct the problem or skip.

Bleed Alert And Fix confirm

Fix — correct the selected element. If a placed graphic, the script first looks at whether the graphic reaches the bleed, in the event the frame is correctly positioned to bleed, but the graphic position within the frame does not reach the bleed. In this case, the graphic is scaled to reach the bleed while holding the opposing center anchor. For example, if an item needs bleed on the left, the right anchor keeps its position as the left side is pulled out to increase the graphic size. Second, if a frame edge does not reach the bleed, it is pulled out so that it does. When more than one edge fails to reach the bleed, the process happens for each faulty edge.

Skip — the selected element is not changed, and the next bleed problem is selected. The confirmation dialog is then displayed again, until no further bleed problems remain.

When Fix is clicked, the buttons change.

Bleed Alert And Fix OK or undo

The button Fix becomes OK, and the button Skip becomes Undo. Click OK to accept the change, or click Undo to revert the change and return to the prior confirmation dialog, where Skip may be chosen instead, if desired.

Cancel — processing ceases without further changes. Any changes previously accepted remain. If desired, the Edit menu item Undo restores the last change made, and the change before that, etc.

The confirmation dialog appears centered on screen and near the top of the window. If the dialog obscures the layout, it may be moved to another location on screen, even to a secondary display. The dialog will maintain its new position until the next launch of the script.

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Bleed Alert And Fix

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