Links Relink Subfolders

Script for Adobe InDesign
Latest update 9/15/2021, version 1.1

Search a folder and all subfolders below it for missing links, and update all.

To rename links, see related script Links GREP Rename.
For files renamed outside of InDesign, see related script Links GREP Relink.

  • Replace links located in subfolders
  • Specify folder to search for links
  • Alerts user when multiple files the same name
Links Relink Subfolders screen
Links Relink Subfolders

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How to use the script

The interface is a single section with button to select a folder. The path to the folder selected appears beside the button, which defaults to the Links folder where the document is located. Click the Folder button to select another location. Click the OK button to search the folder for missing links, including all subfolders below it. Any found are relinked and updated in the open InDesign document.

Because subfolders could allow files of the same name to exist, only in different folders, the script checks the file list for duplicates. For any links that have duplicate files the same name, the link is not updated, and the condition is reported in a log file at the location of the InDesign document. An alert appears on screen with the option to open the log file, which is saved as plain text format. Examine the duplicate files listed in the log file to determine which file is the correct link, and then relink it manually.

Links Relink Subfolders

License details included in download

For help installing scripts, see How to Install and Use Scripts in Adobe Creative Cloud Applications.

IMPORTANT: by downloading the script you agree that the software is provided without any warranty, express or implied. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Always make backups of important data.