Upscale Images

Script for Adobe InDesign
Latest update 6/16/2022, version 1.8

Fix low-res images in InDesign documents. The script calls Photoshop to upscale images placed in InDesign that are below a specified resolution.

  • Specify minimum resolution
  • Upscale original images or renamed copies
  • Uses Photoshop Preserve Details 2.0
Upscale Images

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How-to Video

How to use the script

The interface is a single section with three primary options, and two additional options when upscaling copies. Set options as desired and then click the OK button to begin. The script examines each raster image placed in the document. For images with less effective PPI than the minimum, the script calls Photoshop to upscale the image. Photoshop uses the resampling option “Preserve Details 2.0,” which does an amazing job of increasing resolution. Once all images are examined and upscaled as needed, the user is notified.

Minimum resolution — enter the pixels per inch that when an image is less than, the image is upscaled to. The default value is 300.

Upscale original images — by default, image files currently placed in the document are upscaled and each link is updated. Use the next option to upscale copies instead.

Upscale copies and relink — the script makes a copy of each link to upscale, then upscales the copy and relinks to the new name. When enabled, the next two options become available.

Suffix — enter text to append to file names of copies. The default value is “_upscaled”.

Include scale percentage — adds to the suffix the percentage value that each image is upscaled.

Upscale Images

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