Keywords from CSV

JavaScript for Adobe Photoshop
Latest update 3/20/2021, version 2.2.5

The script reads spreadsheet data for file names and keywords, searches a specified folder for the files, and updates the keywords.

  • Update unique keywords for each file
  • Add, replace, or remove keywords
  • Process any number of images
  • Include subfolders
  • Match name exactly or without extension
Keywords from CSV screen
Keywords from CSV

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Instructions for use

The interface has three sections: Data file, Target folder, and Options. Select the data file and target folder, enable desired options, and click the OK button to begin. A progress bar is displayed while processing. When complete, the number of images processed is reported and a log file is written at the location of the data file.

Section 1: Data file (CSV or tab-delimited TXT)

File — select the CSV or tab-delimited TXT data file.

The data file is a spreadsheet of two columns and any number of rows. The layout of the spreadsheet must include a column head 'file' and a column head 'keywords'. Under the column 'file' are rows of the target file names. If not full file names, rather base names (file name without extension), be sure to check Match file name only, without extension. Under the column 'keywords' are rows of keywords associated with each file. Multiple keywords may be delimited with a comma or a semicolon.

Section 2: Target folder

Folder — select the folder containing the images to search through. Any that match those listed in 'file' column of the spreadsheet data are processed.

Match file name only, without extension — enable to match any file extension, or if the spreadsheet data lists the base name (file name without extension). When enabled, full file names with differing extension match and are processed.

Include subfolders — files within subfolders are also processed, if a matching entry is found in the 'file' column of the spreadsheet data.

Section 3: Options

Add keywords — preserves current keywords and appends keywords from the spreadsheet data.

Replace keywords — current keywords are removed and keywords from the spreadsheet data are added.

Remove keywords — keywords matching those listed in the spreadsheet data are removed.

Keywords from CSV

License details included in download

For help installing scripts, see How to Install and Use Scripts in Adobe Creative Cloud Applications.

IMPORTANT: by downloading the script you agree that the software is provided without any warranty, express or implied. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Always make backups of important data.


Version 2.2.5 (210320)

  1. Alert and confirm supply all arguments.

Version 2.2.4 (210124)

  1. Remove instructions from UI.
  2. Data file and target folder normal font size.

Version 2.2.3 (201219)

  1. Mac open data file recognize alias in Macintosh file filter.
  2. Windows open data file use Windows file filter.
  3. Open data file validate extension as .csv or .txt

Version 2.2.2 (191220)

  1. Fix window button return value problem with Windows close button.

Version 2.2.1 (190911)

  1. Update progress window in message function.

Version 2.2 (190902)

  1. Miscellaneous.

Version 2.1 (190808)

  1. Notify function ignore log message if log.file undefined.
  2. Repair flaws in parseCsv and parseTxt functions.

Version 2.0.1 (190624)

  1. Miscellaneous.

Version 2.0 (190510)

  1. Revise logging.
  2. Custom alert/notify window with open log button.
  3. Enhance cancel processing.
  4. Restore altered app preferences on completion.
  5. Remove informative log verbiage from UI.
  6. Miscellaneous.

Version 19.4.15 (1.0)

  1. Initial release.