Grommet Marks

Script for Adobe Illustrator
Latest update 10/17/2021, version 2.5

The script automates adding grommet marks (dots) to artwork, as guides to finishing operators of where to add grommets to banners.

  • Create marks along top, bottom, left, and/or right
  • Add a specific number of marks or preferred spacing
  • Define layer on which to add marks
  • Layer created if needed
  • Specify mark size, color, and overprint
Grommet Marks
Grommet Marks

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How-to Video

How to use the script

The interface has three sections outlined below. Set options as desired and click OK to begin. Marks are added to all artboards in the active document (the document currently open and the top-most window if multiple documents are open).

Section 1: Edges on which to add marks

Top/Bottom/Left/Right — enable the desired edges along which to add marks. At least one edge must be enabed. Top and Left have additional parameters that determine position, described below. Bottom and Right, if enabled, use the same parameters as Top and Left, but mirrored to align with the bottom or right.

Center first mark at X/Y — the distance from the left (X) and top (Y) of the artboard where marks begin. For Top/Bottom, the last mark will be the same X distance from the opposing edge. For Left/Right, the last mark will be the same Y distance from the opoosing edge.

Distribute: Number of marks — enable and enter a specfic number of marks, which are spaced equally across or down the selected edge.

Distribute: Perferred spacing — enable and enter the desired distance between marks. Depending on the starting position and dimensions of the artboard, the script will determine the number of marks, spaced equally, that results in the closest value to the desired spacing.

Section 2: Options

Measurement units — the measurement units used for all values. Select inches, points, or mm.

Add marks to or create layer — enter the desired layer name on which to add marks. If a layer of the entered name does not exist, it is created atop all other layers.

Mark diameter — enter the desired size of each mark.

Swatch — the swatch used to color marks. If not already existing, define the desired swatch before launching the script.

Fill — enable to assign the selected swatch to mark fill color.

Stroke — enable to assign the selected swatch to mark stroke color.

Weight — the weight (width) of the stroke.

Overprint — when enabled, mark fill and stroke are set to overprint.

Section 3: Settings

The current options may be saved and restored later. Select from the Load drop-down list to choose saved settings, and the current options are updated. Click the Delete button, and the saved settings selected in the Load drop-down list are permanently removed. Click the Save button, provide a name for the settings, and the current options are preserved. If the name already exists, the user may choose to replace the saved settings. Or click the checkbox Replace settings, and choose the settings to replace.

The script provides default saved settings named [Default]. These settings cannot be deleted but may be updated to the current values. Save settings, click the checkbox Replace settings, and choose [Default].

Each time processing begins, the current options are preserved, and the next time the script is launched, options are restored to the last values used.

Grommet Marks

License details included in download

For help installing scripts, see How to Install and Use Scripts in Adobe Creative Cloud Applications.

IMPORTANT: by downloading the script you agree that the software is provided without any warranty, express or implied. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Always make backups of important data.