Illustrator Scripts

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Cutter Reg Marks

Add registration marks (dots) for flatbed cutting plotters.

  • Choose layer for marks, or create it
  • Specify offset from artboard edge, or layer content
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Dimensions Illustrator

Specify dimensions and other properties of selected elements.

For the InDesign version of this script, see Dimensions InDesign

  • Element dimensions, each selected or combined
  • Distance between elements
  • Includes scale option
  • Corner radius
  • Corner angle
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Find Replace From CSV

Search and replace multiple text or GREP changes in one operation.

  • Match whole words only
  • Ignore case
  • Keep capitalization
  • Confirm each change
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Grommet Marks

Adds grommet marks (dots) to artwork.

  • Create marks along top, bottom, left, and/or right
  • Add a specific number of marks or preferred spacing
  • Define layer on which to add marks
  • Layer created if needed
  • Specify mark size, color, and overprint
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Page Information

Add page information to Illustrator artboards.

  • Add static text combined with dynamic placeholders
  • Select layer on which to add page information
  • Page information added to all artboards
  • Define position and alignment
  • Position relative to artboard or contents of selected layer
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PDFs With Password

Batch convert art and images to password-protected PDFs.

  • Creates PDFs from vector art or raster images
  • Variation available to disallow print, edit, or copy
  • Adapt open source to customize or create other scripts
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Save Named PDF

Save a copy of the current document as PDF using variable placeholders to name the output file.

  • Variables for artboard width and height
  • Variables for date, time, and more
  • Save using any PDF preset
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