Photoshop Scripts

Auto Crop

Batch crop images using Select Subject.

  • Define image dimensions and minimum margin
  • Uses Select Subject to determine cropping
  • Process active image or folder of images
  • Resolution as-is or resample
  • Options to convert to profile and/or flatten
  • Append suffix identifying cropped size
  • Processing folder outputs to JPG, PNG, PSD, or TIF
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Batch Multi Save

Batch transform and save images in multiple formats.

  • Process raster images, PDF, AI, and vector EPS
  • PDF first page, all pages, or all images
  • Save PSD, TIF, JPG, and PNG 8 or 24
  • Convert to any color profile
  • Layers as-is, merged, or flatten
  • Adjust PPI, set or resample
  • Limit pixels in either dimension
  • Keep paths, only clipping, or discard all
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Copy Alpha Channels

Copy alpha channels from images in one folder to images in another.

  • Copy channels from one set of images to another
  • Option to match names exactly or if name contains the other
  • Adapt open source to create other scripts
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Filename to Description

Copy long filenames intended as caption to file’s metadata.

  • Copy filename to metadata description
  • Option to remove number prefix
  • Option to add closing period if absent
  • Append to current description or replace
  • Regular expression replacement
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Images Before and After

Create side-by-side comparison images to show before and after editing.

  • Compare corrections to original, side-by-side
  • Three options to reference before images
  • Process current image or folder of images
  • Simulate a color profile
  • Set PPI
  • Limit pixels in either dimension
  • Specify labels to indicate before and after
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Keywords from CSV

Batch update keywords based on spreadsheet data.

  • Update unique keywords for each file
  • Add, replace, or remove keywords
  • Process any number of images
  • Include subfolders
  • Match name exactly or without extension
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Save Copy

A companion tool to Batch Multi Save, with identical save functionality, only not a batch and not mulitple formats at the same time.

  • Save JPG, PNG, PSD, or TIF
  • Convert to any color profile
  • Layers as-is, merged, or flatten
  • Adjust PPI, set or resample
  • Limit pixels in either dimension
  • Keep paths, discard all, or keep special cases
  • Rename for web use
  • Save and restore all settings
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For help installing scripts, see How to Install and Use Scripts in Adobe Creative Cloud Applications.

Also available for hire to program custom solutions. Contact William for more information.

IMPORTANT: by downloading any of the scripts on this page you agree that the software is provided without any warranty, express or implied. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Always make backups of important data.